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Taizhou Chinese Traditional Architecture Fengshui Museum

About Taizhou Chinese Traditional Architecture Fengshui Museum

The Taizhou Chinese Traditional Architecture Fengshui Museum located on the southwest corner of a national 4A scenic area. The Jiangsu Taizhou Feng Cheng He Scenic Area which is full of beautiful landsacpe and in the northern part of middle San Shui Wan modern leisure block. Characterized by the local architectural style of the Taizhou dwelling house, the museum offers visitors an international multifunctional academic club for experts and scholars worldwide to do communication and research. 


The Taizhou Chinese Traditional Architecture Fengshui Museum aims at displaying the environmental Fengshui culture of traditional Chinese architecture. It advocates the basic thoughts of Chinese Fengshui Culture, the theory of the harmony between human and nature, and the philosophy of 'Tai Trigram' culture.

This museum is a structural buildup of pre-lobby, a room of Fengshui general knowledge, a room of five elements, a room of ancient Fengshui documents, a room of indoor decoration Fengshui, a magic alley experiencing area, a room of multimedia, and a room of Taizhou local Fengshui. Through objects, documents, photos, videos and architectural examples, scientific expatiation and demonstration is made to bring a brand-new understanding and cognition of traditional architecture Fengshui culture to the visitors.

Moreover, by comparing advantages and disadvantages of typical architectural environment, the documents and information displayed in this museum help visitors discover the impact which the main characters of traditional architecture make to human mentality and residential the environment. Also, the achievements of the culture of traditional Chinese architecture, western environment-behavior study, human system engineering and some other advanced science is integrated here to achieve the final purpose of offering suggestions and instructions of how to build up comfortable living and working environments.

In the meantime, this museum can provide a platform full of plenty information and various content for experts who study Fengshui and the international environment in China. Besides its mighty function of tourism and culture broadcasting, this museum could function as key teaching base and be opened to students majoring in architectural fields nationwide. Also, it is an ideal place for annual academic meetings and some other academic activities both nation and worldwide.